Today I am going to talk about Permissions In Programming so Gather your focus.


1-What is the meaning of permissions?

2-Why permissions are important for user?

4-Permission in mobile development.

5-Advice for users and developers.

Meaning of permissions:

permission is the authorization granted to do something like accessing someone’s data or access hardware services.
Let us take a simple example for windows application when you download the installer to install software like office or PowerPoint, the installer asks you for permission as administrator and you give an approval to enable the installer to download some file for PowerPoint, but you don't know your permission for this software enables this installer to delete or download or upload your personal data.

Permissions Importance.

Managing file permissions is a simple but important way to ensure that the only people and programs that have access to your data are the people and programs that should.
And it is important to set priority for users to access data as shown below.

Permission in mobile development.

permission for development is to enable them to access hardware services(Sensors, camera, etc) or software services(wifi status, files in the device).

And these are some permissions we use in development:

  • Contacts
  • Calendars
  • Reminders
  • Photos
  • Motion activity and fitness
  • Location Services
  • Apple Music
  • Your music and video activity
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • HomeKit
  • Health
  • Speech recognition
  • Bluetooth sharing
  • Your media library
  • accessing Geolocation
  • talking to other apps
  • accessing camera
  • accessing microphone
  • accessing phone contact list
  • accessing calendars
  • accessing photos
  • scheduling reminders


IOS: it is easy to throw permission for a user and I will recommend you this open source project as it contains a lot of permissions to throw.

Android: In the android studio, you can follow the android developer guide as it shows you how to use all of the permissions and show you how to make custom permission.

Advice for users and developers.

User advises: all users have to read the displayed permission content carefully and ensure which app to be approved.

Developer advises: for developers they need to ensure when to display their permissions and no need to display all permission at the beginning of the app, for example, they should display permission when user need to use specific services and if a user didn't give approval for permission it will be prevented from using this services but the rest of app should be available.

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